Act like a lady, Lift like a boss

Today's topic is going to be more for the ladies, but the gentlemen could also gain a thing or two from here, and maybe help out your significant other :)

We all know some ladies work their ass off in the gym too to have the body they each desire. I believe it's safe to say the ladies work as hard as the guys when it comes to lifting weights. We always believe that ladies should be lifting heavy as well. Let me stop you here. Before you start thinking, "Oh hell no, lifting heavy makes a women big and muscular", let me correct you there by "lifting heavy makes a women strong and sexy", and that's a fact. For sure, when we say 'heavy', we're not saying to squat 500lbs or the weight some other guys are lifting. When we bring up the term 'heavy', it is a relative term. It should be heavy to you, up to your own capabilities, not comparing yours to someone else. You could read up the post on "Look in the mirror, That's your competition" from our previous post. Anyways, we'll be talking about the term 'heavy' in another post in the future. Let's keep it simple here.

Ladies' strengths level will not be the same as the men, that's for sure. But if you're working hard every time you're in the gym, focused as you can be, lifting your ass off, you'll for sure get something out of it, no doubt on that. We always believe ladies should be lifting, while also doing cardiovascular activities, be that running on the treadmill or some HIIT workout, you should not just opt out one of it (only lifting, no cardio, or vice versa). That's a big NO if you're just doing one of it.

You want the bikini body, you gotta work for it. Running on a treadmill doing cardio all day will for sure slim you down, but will never get you the toned  body you desire. Lifting weights won't make you a beast or a freak, you can rest assure that will never happen. Remember to seek help from qualified trainers if you need professional advice, I'm sure your local gym has trainers that you need that could help you reach that specific goal. Or maybe even follow your significant other to the gym, that's a good start as well.

Let's all start lifting. Keep up the good work!

- Darren Yew
- Team BA - #beyondathlete
"Act like a lady, Lift like a boss"

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