Be Your Best Version

How is everyone doing? Hope you guys are having a good day. Keep a smile on your face always. :)

A common phrase around Team BA is 'BE YOUR BEST VERSION'.
The only competition you need is yourself. Beat who you were yesterday is good progress enough to improve yourself as a better individual. The traditional way of saying is to make your idols become your rivals. That's a good way to start and all which will eventually lead to a better version of yourself.

We all have good days and bad days. But when we're having a bad day, let's try to keep our head up and think of the good things that happened today/yesterday. Things that happened yesterday or even earlier in the week will keep a smile on your face when you think of it and it becomes a better today. And when we're having a good mood, our confidence receives a boost and focus coming back to make progress. It's just logic. Don't believe me? Try it. A good mood brings an increased confidence which leads to a better you.

Let's put ourselves in a situation where our goal is to attain a physique that is somewhat of what your idols are carrying on their body. How do we achieve that? 
You definitely need a plan and the willingness to carry out the plan. But most importantly of all is to have the confidence in believing that you are able to achieve it. If you don't have the right mindset that you'll be able to do it, you're already moving into the wrong path.

Being our best version doesn't have to be better than someone else. It's all about you being happy at your current situation.

Darren Yew

Team BA

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