Building Foundation - Your Base

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What is foundation? 
PS: We're not talking about the foundation that you apply to your skin during your makeup 
Foundation is your basics, your base for you to be able to stand tall and upright in anything you pursue. You can't be bearing too much weight on your shoulder if you don't have a good foundation as you're structure will be affected by the weight (literally and hypothetically). So you need a good foundation to once again, achieve your goals. 
Let's put it simple, if you're looking into gaining some mass, you're obviously gonna need to get stronger. In order for you to be able get stronger, you need a firm base. So, what's your base? That's your lower body.

Our lower body is 50% of our whole body. They're majorly made up on our quadriceps, hamstrings, glutes, and calves. Out of them all, it may seem that quadriceps is a huge part of our legs, and yes they are cause they have four "heads" that's why it's called QUAD. Anyways, given that our quads take up a major part for our legs, never ever neglect our glutes and hamstrings. Why? They come in handy in our major lifts such as squats and deadlifts. You're not going to be using only quads when it comes to lifting heavy, every muscle part comes into play whenever you lift any movement. How is this so? As an example, you might be thinking that when you're performing shoulder press, you think you're only using shoulders and triceps to an extent? Yes and no, no being the reason that you're core and back come into play to keep you steady. Without a tight firm core and back, how are going to keep those heavy dumbbells steady in place for you to be able to press up, am I right? Think about it. The next time when you're about to squat, try to focus on your hamstrings and glutes as well, you'll feel a difference as they come into play. You'll feel much stronger if you utilize them as much as you use your quads.

Therefore, your foundation is very much important to your overall goal. If it's about fitness, then it'll be your lower body, your strength level or many more. If it's about your work, then it'll be your skill set and your expertise. Every aspect in life that you're trying to reach needs a basic foundation in order to be grab hold of, or else you'll always be hanging here and there without any true achievement. Build up your foundation. Get your basics to the core. Learn them and know how to put to application. Trust me you'll be able to do more things than what you're already doing, you'll be able to travel further and nearer towards your goals. 

Ever wonder why hierarchy levels are always bigger on the bottom and small at the top (just like a pyramid)? It's cause you need a strong base to be able to go up further. Everything needs to start from somewhere and it's best that you get to do it right from the start. 

Darren Yew
Team BA


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