Carbohydrates, All the good stuff ...

Carbohydrates, also popularly known as ‘carbs’ and that’s what we’re going to call them just like anyone else. You basically know it as sugar, depending on whether in the simple or complex form. Just like protein and fats, carbs is a major thing when it comes to your nutrition and will be affecting significantly (depending on your consumption) on your overall physique. As I explained in earlier posts, there is a basic formula to follow if you want to some serious gains but let’s put that aside and think about why you need carbs.

From my personal experience, the best time to consume carbs might just be pre and post workout. However, it could be different for you as everybody is different. It might be best for you to consume carbs first thing in the morning. When I say “best time”, I don’t mean this must be the only time, I mean it is the time the body takes it and utilize it well into absorption. But, you need to try to know; this is not a guessing game, only the method of ‘trial and error’ will work when it comes to fitness. There is for sure a general guideline for nutrition diets, tips and tricks; but as you all know, ways that worked for me might not necessarily work for you, and ways that worked for you might not necessarily work for me or someone else; the same goes for training method. You could be responding well to a certain type of training and the other person’s body is not making any gains.
*Disclaimer: just a personal opinion to recommend trial and error in the gym and on your food, follow the general guidelines but twist it a bit to suit your own lifestyle, physique, and goals.

So, carbs is a macronutrient to basically provide you with energies. The basic glucose (energy source for cells), fructose (sourced from fruits) and galactose (sourced from milk) (there are many more scientific terms for carbs) are just terminologies people use around but if we’re not all into scientific stuff, let’s just stick to the word C A R B S.
I’m sure you must have heard before ‘carb cycling’. It basically means you change up the amount of carbs you consume on a daily basis with somewhat high carb day and low carb day throughout the week. Bear in mind though, it still comes back to the trial and error method as person A might be consuming 300g carbs on a low carb day and consuming up to 700-800g carbs on a high day, while person B is consuming around 50g carbs on a low carb day and consuming 350-400g carbs on a high carb day. It all depends on your physique goals and the nature of your body depending on how well you respond to the nutrition you consume (with that example being shown, I understand it might be two different extreme ends of cases but it’s just an illustration to lay out my point). Usually, carb cycling is used when your goal is to reduce fat. We’ll not be talking about carb cycling in depth today but you get the general idea.

Carb plays a significant role in our diet. You know you always get a good pump at the gym whenever you’re having a high carb day as opposed to where you’re in a low carb day. On a low carb day, you might not be getting that good ass pump due to lower glycogen level. It’s just what it is.
Just remember, do not opt out carb in total, and just play around with it. You need to enjoy the process, if you’re not enjoying it, it won’t sustain. Be it at moderation when it comes to carbs.

 - Darren Yew
- Team BA


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