Getting your Cheat Meals in

Hello guys !

It's been awhile since the last blog posts, was caught up with some other things and didn't had the time to posts. But I'll try to make it happen from now on and not go MIA for too long :P

Favorite meal of the week ! CHEAT MEAL ! *chanting..*

Do we really need cheat meals? Do our body need a break? 
Honestly, yes. We do.
Besides, have you ever heard anyone say they don't enjoy a good cheat meal? NEVER !

Every once in awhile our body needs a rest from all the training, clean nutrition and all those strict diets and go crazy.
A cheat meal is when you break your own rules when it comes to nutrition by eating a large amount of something you shouldn't. But going crazy doesn't mean just eat all the crap that is in front of you. We still have to be conservative, yes we can order some burgers, some fries, some shake or soda, but always keep in mind not to just blindly eat all the fats and carbs or even proteins.

Getting back to the question 'do we really need cheat meals?' In my opinion, we all have our motivation and dedication to be our best version. However, there comes a time that we need a break to relax from our daily regime and do what we love. This is how it comes into play for our nutrition, just like how it is lay out in a week, there's Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday. Everyday is a different day, it can't be all Friday whole week for you to enjoy and look to the weekends. Our mind is a tricky thing, if you crave for something too long and you don't that issue/craving fixed, you might jump into and mess up the whole regime.
Therefore, the purpose of having a cheat meal occasionally is to relax the mind, release the body while still maintaining and getting in the necessary macros.

Happiness is key here. Occasional cheat meals keep you happy and leads you to success. By allowing yourself to eat the foods you love in this type of controlled fashion, the chances of short term and long term diet adherence increase significantly. And that right there is the purpose of cheat meals.

- Darren Yew


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