'Heavy' is a relative term

As promised, here is the post discussing about H E A V Y.

People often ask various questions when it comes to lifting heavy. The most common one is "How heavy should I lift?"
Let's get direct to the answer here. But before we begin, bear in mind to always leave your ego outside the gym before you start your workout. As you already know, people have different strength levels. Weights that are light to you, might be heavy to the other guy, and vice versa. You get my point here. That's why it is best to leave your ego at the door. If you don't do so, you'll get to the point where your body give up and you get injured. You see someone deadlifting 585lbs doesn't mean you have to deadlift the same weight to get as big as him. I'm sure you've heard before "a stronger muscle is a bigger muscle", that's true but that doesn't mean you need to be training as heavy as someone else to get as big.

We say 'Heavy' is a relative term. You should be lifting a weight that is heavy to you. It also means you have to lift somewhat heavy according to the rep ranges that you're aiming for.
For example, you're on your leg day routine and you're going to start off squat.
If you're doing a hypertrophy workout, let's say you're rep range is 10-12 reps. In this case, you should be picking a weight that you're able to squat 12 reps, but not 13 reps. If in the case that you're able to squat 13 reps or more, you should be increasing the weight the next set to gauge whether you can hit the 12 reps. And it is necessary too when you are able only to squat less than 12 reps (let's say 9 reps only), then you also need to decrease the weight next set and gauge whether you are able to hit the 12 rep range.

Example 10-12 rep range:

  • 1st set: you're squatting 315 lbs, but you're able to hit 14 reps
  • 2nd set: Up the weight a little, try the weight again to see if you're able to hit only 12 reps

How heavy you should be training is dependent upon the rep ranges you're aiming for. It should not be dependent upon someone else's training weight. DO NOT EVER TRY TO MATCH WHAT SOMEONE ELSE IS LIFTING. It will get you injured and that's not something you would want. Injury only slows down your progress.

- Darren Yew
- Team BA - #BeyondAthlete
"Lift heavy as your own capabilities"

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