Nutrition 101 - The Basics

Let's all sit down please. Class is about to start. As you all know we are all enrolled in the 'Nutrition 101', we're definitely going to discuss about nutrition and diet. Okay all jokes aside, nutrition can be said to be 80% when it comes to fitness. What are the other 20%? Training takes up 10% and Sleep/Rest takes up the remaining 10%. 

Basically, nutrition plays a major role if you want to achieve your fitness goal in the appropriate manner. Those who are serious and keen in regards to fitness will know the phrase "you will never out train a bad diet". So, no matter how hard you train in the gym, do your cardio and everything, but is always not keeping in mind the importance of your nutrition/diet, you will never meet your fitness goals (by never meeting, I'm not saying that you won't get leaner or bigger than you already are, you will be leaner/bigger, but you won't achieve the 100% perfect results). 

What is a clean diet? I'm not asking you to follow a strict diet (unless you're prepping for a competition or a photoshoot). You need to be aware what your goals are, if you're trying to get your body fat percentage down, you need to be on a deficit (on top of having cardio in your routine); if you're trying to add lean mass, you need to be on a surplus. 
Deficits basically means you're having lesser calories than what you're burning off in the gym, whereby surplus means you're going to have to eat more calories than what you're burning off. Following a diet plan doesn't mean you need to eat plain tasteless food and get bored about it. You need to be able to enjoy your food or else this plan won't last, you'll be giving up on it sooner than you think because you're not enjoying it. 

Next question would be what to eat. To figure out what to eat, you need basic macros within all your meals. 

  1. Carbohydrates
  2. Proteins
  3. Fats

How much carbs / proteins / fats do you need?
For proteins, the basic formula would be 1g per pound of bodyweight.
For carbs and fats, (in my opinion) the right formula would fluctuate between your situation depending on what you're aiming for. You could be using carb cycle whereby you have high carb days or low carb days within the week.

That will be the end of today's class. We will be having more nutrition class and tips going forward. Please do leave us a comment on your opinion when it comes to nutrition.

- Darren Yew
- Team BA - #BeyondAthlete

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