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How are your days guys? Great? Good? Not so good? ... Whatever it is, before you continue, take a second and put a smile on your face by thinking about your loved one or whoever, your kids, your spouse or anything. Just keep that smile on your face :)

Anyways, moving on. Today's topic is gonna be on overloading your muscle. It's going to be on progressive overload.

Progressive = making improvements over time

Overload = pump it, as you would like to call it

So why do we need to make sure we are progressively overloading our muscle? It connects to the total volume over time. Your muscles need to feel the constant overloading by pumping them day in day out at the gym in order to grow. And as you know, they only grow when you're resting. When you're working out, the muscles are being teared down; and when you rest, they're being repaired and that's when they grow. So essentially, as you progressively overload the muscles over time, they will respond to the training and grow in ways you're training them.

"The principle of progressive overload involves the gradual increase of stress placed on the body during exercise training that is beyond its current capabilities. This gradual increase in stress forces the body to continually try to adapt to the training program." So basically what we need is to increase the stress on our muscles gradually over time to stimulate its growth. 

An example would be:

Day 1 - 50lbs for 5 reps

Day 30 - 50lbs should be for 8 reps

Day 90 - 50lbs should be for 12 reps

It does not generally increase in that particular fashion but you get the idea. It's not something that we pick a weight that we can do for 12 reps, but only doing 5 reps cause we just started. It's about picking a weight that you can actually do for 5 reps, but can't do the 6th; and then as time goes by we get stronger, then we get in more reps. 
The same principle goes for the weight and sets (not just the reps), every aspect of your training should be increasing as you get stronger.

Just use this simple formula:

Volume = Weights x Sets x Reps

Always remember that we need to progressively increase the volume of our training over time. Don't be doing the same weights, same number of sets and reps as what you did like 6 months ago. If you're able to rep a weight for 5 sets x 5 reps, 6 months later you should be able to hit a heavier weight for 5 sets x 5 reps or maybe use that same weight for 6 sets x 10 reps. The point is to get stronger and able to handle more volume overall through our training program. We need to get stronger and grow to be able to sculpt the physique that you need.

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